"Make your special day a breeze"

live it

Behind the Lens

A glimpse building up to the big day

Plan well and leave most of the work to your bridal party, learn to let go and let the events unfold naturally. Live in the moment and cherish every bit of them. You will sure be extra radiant on photos :)

Some tips here...

Must-Have Shots

While it may sound cliché to talk about 'must-have' shots for your album, I believe in the power and importance of preserving those cherished memories.

I understand the delicate balance of capturing these essential moments, that's why we work closely to ensure there's both time and space allocated for these captures. Share with me your bookmarks and pins!

^ Fanny wanted a quiet moment of two and some classic b&w snaps before their wedding banquet!

Embracing the Great Outdoors for Your Wedding

There's something truly magical about stepping into the open air

Picture this: lush landscapes, the gentle breeze and whispered rustle of leaves with that soft, golden glow across. This takes on a different dimension in photographs, adding depth and vibrancy to your big day. And yes, it's worth the effort—even if it means getting a little dirt on your gown :)

Incorporating Personal Touches

Whether it's the delicate bloom of your favourite flowers, the sparkle of a cherished necklace, or the comfort of a beloved heirloom, these details add depth and meaning to every moment on this big day.

Spending time to curate your colour palettes, discuss makeup/hairdo styles with your makeup artist, and even try spinning around in your wedding gown all contribute to crafting a truly treasured day.